The MC-SUITE project proposes a new generation of ICT enabled process simulation and optimization tools enhanced by physical measurements and monitoring that can increase the competence of the European manufacturing industry, reducing the gap between the programmed process and the real part.


The combination of manufacturing and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) is at the core of the construction of the consortium resulting in an exact balance between ICT and manufacturing partners. In order to achieve the expected results by the MC-SUITE approach, the consortium assembled for this 36-month project consists of a unique combination of skills and expertise including 6 SMEs, 2 universities, 2 research centres and 2 large companies. Hence, this consortium covers all the value chain of the manufacturing products including software providers, equipment providers, machine tool builders and end users.


Duration 3 years
# of partners 12
Project leader IK4-IDEKO
Countries involved 7
Start date 2015
End date 2018