Scientific Methodology and Work Packages

MC-SUITE consists of 11 work packages. A detailed work plan has been generated that adequately structures the efforts into manageable work packages with clear responsibilities and objectives.


Work Package 1 (WP1) ensures that the MC-SUITE developments meet the requirements both in terms of ICT and manufacturing technologies.

The work packages 2 and 3 are dedicated to the development of the virtual modules of MC-SUITE to generate a virtual twin of the machining process. The cutting process is simulated in the WP2 with force, stability and surface finish models empowered by High Performance Computing technologies. Based on this virtual model, a multiobjective optimization in realized in WP3 to increase productivity while reducing costs.

The work package 4 transforms embedded systems developed in previous European projects into Cyber Physical Systems connected to the cyber and physical worlds.

The work packages 5 and 6 focuses on the real world modules of MC-SUITE. In WP5, the physical and virtual sensorization of the machines is realized to benefit from the availability of big data. With advanced analytics and visualizations, new cloud based services are generated in the WP6. Those steps will give the ICT impulse to the manufacturing world.

The work package 7 receives inputs both from the virtual and real worlds to improve the simulation capabilities and the currently running machining process. Process adjustments are realized both in real time and during ramp-up phases by a smart system using self-learning strategies.

The work package 8 is transversal in this project, it ensures the integration of all the modules of the MC-SUITE with a specific care on security issues. The interoperability of the virtual and real world modules is assured with a component based software engineering approach.

Work package 9 focuses on the demonstration of the developments in the form of industrial demonstrators. These are based on the test cases defined in WP1 and also match with the approach of realizing a series of validations of increasing complexity leading up to a realistic industrial test cases.

The consortium considers project results communication, dissemination, exploitation and standardisation highly important being MC-SUITE an innovation action. Therefore, a separate work package (Work package 10) is assigned to these activities in order to bring a greater impact to European manufacturing industries.

Finally, Work package 11 will provide successful management of all project activities, including communication between partners, coordination of actions and monitoring activities.