Analysis of the feed drives control parameters on structural chatter vibrations

Xavier Beudaert, Iker Mancisidor, Luis Miguel Ruiz, Asier Barrios, Kaan Erkorkmaz, Jokin Munoa

Analysis of the feed drives control parameters on structural chatter vibrations,

XIIIth International Conference on High Speed Machining, Metz - France, 2016.



Chatter vibrations are a major limitation for machining operations and lead to productivity reduction, low tool life and poor surface finish. When structural chatter occurs, the whole machine is vibrating and the feed drive behaviour cannot be neglected. Indeed, the proportional gain of the velocity loop is a key parameter influencing the damping provided by the drives and it can be adjusted to increase the stability limit. The objective of this article is to analyse the effect of the feed drive control parameters on the structural chatter vibrations. The process stability is studied with stability lobe diagrams and with root locus techniques applying the Padé formulas to approximate the regenerative effect delay by a rational function. This way, a single degree of freedom turning process is analysed from different point of views and the impact of the feed drive parameters is presented.



Chatter, Machine tool drive, Control

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