A visit to MC-SUITE at the BIEMH 2018

BIEMH is the most important Machine Tool exhibition in Spain, that took place in Bilbao from 25th to 29th of May. More than 42,000 people visited the 30th edition of the exhibition, a figure that exceeds by 5% the final result obtained in 2016. We reported here the story of one of our visitors. 

The visit started at HALL1 where as soon as entering the hall, we found IK4-IDEKO’s booth. There we met Jokin Muñoa, and Dynamics and Control Department Manager at IK4-IDEKO. He explained us that within the MC-SUITE project a new generation of advanced modules for simulating and controlling industrial processes have been developed through the use of cutting-edge technologies applied to functions such as data acquisition, chatter analysis, monitoring and measuring of key physical aspects for manufacturing of the final product. As a result, several modules have been developed: MC-Virtual, MC-Optim, MC-Cyphy, MC-Monitor, MC-Analytics and MC-Bridge. 

Dr. Muñoa suggested us to also visit FIDIA’s and SORALUCE’s booths where live demonstrations of some of the modules were being performed. This way, we continued our route through the first hall and we arrived to FIDIA’s stand where Michele Surico was waiting for us. He explained us how their CNCs have taken a step forward with the integration of the new MC-Cyphy module. This module supports FIDIA’s CNCs automatically modifying the spindle speed in order to avoid the appearance of chatter during machining operation.

Least but no less, we reach SORALUCE’s Stand in HALL 5, where we were welcomed by Eneko Iturbe, Application Engineer of SORALUCE. He introduced us the solutions applied to the SORALUCE’s milling and multitasking machines coming from the MC-SUITE project developments. He made a live demonstration to us of the MC-Bridge module, commercially called, DAS+ System, which includes more innovative functions developed in the project.

DAS+ includes vibration level monitoring, detection of chatter as well as three different extra strategies to suppress chatter: the new spindle speed tuning and spindle speed variation functions.

These new functions monitor the machining process and run an internal algorithm that looks for the best cutting conditions to increase the stability of a particular operation. In the event of instability, the algorithm considers the chatter and excitation frequency generated by the tool and selects the best strategy to overcome the problem, automatically activating the DAS+ system, selecting the optimal spindle speed where chatter is suppressed or introducing a continuous harmonic oscillation in the spindle during the machining process. The machine becomes an assistant for the operator which can concentrate on maximising the use of the machine’s capabilities to optimise the manufacturing productivity.

He also introduced us the Chip-Breaker function inside MC-CyPhy module; a smart solution to break long chips that eases chip removal. The turning process often creates long chips and traditional chip conveyor systems cannot deal with such chips, which leads to stoppages in production and requiring manual removal from the machine. The chip breaker uses the drives of the machine to create an oscillation that produces small chips which are easier to remove, thus reducing machine downtime and ensuring continuous production. 

To conclude our visit to SORALUCE’s Stand Gorka Herranz, R&D Senior Software Development Engineer, showed us the latest developments in the field of sensorization and monitorization on a TA-M machine thanks to the implementation of the MC-Monitor module. This multitasking machine incorporated several sensorised elements harvesting data related to temperature and vibrations from machine components, allowing the monitoring of the machine health.

The system records those signals and allows analysing the evolution overt time, thus facilitate taking decisions in advance from anywhere and at any time. The result is a precise diagnosis to reduce the impact derived from maintenance actions on production.

The MC-SUITE team transmitted us that they were really satisfied by the interest shown by the different visitors from students to industrial partners, customers and policy makers. They were impressed by the number of visitors and the great interest in MC-Suite developments.


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