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Recently the Basque Government assigned a price to the coordinator of MC-SUITE Project, the director of the research group of Dynamics and Control of IK4-IDEKO, Jokin Muñoa, as one of the best researchers of the Basque region. Muñoa received this distinction in a ceremony chaired by the Basque Premier and the Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure. With this recognition, the Basque executive wanted to highlight the contribution of the researcher to the scientific excellence of the Region.

Monday, 03 December 2018 15:19

MC-SUITE final meeting

The MC-SUITE activities have been successfully completed. The final meeting was held in Brussels, presenting the project results, the demonstrators and the first products reaching the market. 

The end users of the project are satisfied with the final result of MC-SUITE. In words of the managing director of Aeromec, Juan José Martin, “MC-Suite increased drastically the machine productivity thanks to the chatter suppression systems of MC-CyPhy. On top of that, MC-monitor and MC- Analytics allowed analysing the complete machining process and finding further productivity improvement factors”. Mauro Comoglio, project manager at Diad Group, adds that “MC-Virtual and MC-Optim are very useful to ensure right at first time process with optimized cutting conditions. The machining time could be reduced by 8% with the automatic adaptation of the feedrate according to the cutting load”. Mauro also applied successfully the MC-Bridge module to detect and avoid chatter vibrations in real-time. Finally, “as a machine tool builder, the MC-Suite project allowed introducing new technologies on the market and keeping the technological advantage over the competitors”, says Jesus Alvarez from the research and development team of Soraluce. According to Jesus, MC- Monitor and MC-Analytics can provide up to 5% global productivity improvement by maximizing the machine use.
The MC-SUITE products have been presented to the machine tools customers in the international EMO machine tool fair of Hannover in September 2017 and in the BIEMH machine tool fair of Bilbao in June 2018. There was a high interest amongst the potential customers and several clients already bought the MC-SUITE technologies. MC-Monitor has been sold on more than 25 machines, 17 of which are also integrating MC-Analytics dashboards. MC-CyPhy is on 40 machines and 23 of them are adding the MC-Bridge functionalities. MC-SUITE is expecting to expend the exploitation even further in the coming years.

Tuesday, 02 October 2018 11:16


MC-SUITE dissemination at the CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES stand at MICRONORA 2018. 

MICRONORA is a very specialized trade fair bringing together the entire microtechnology sectorfrom R&D to subcontracting and production technologies. Running from the 25th to the 28th of September in Besancon France, with 25000 m2 of exhibition space, and over 700 exhibitors.

The CEDRAT stand displayed a range of actuator products, included a poster on the MICA300CM, the innovative Active Vibration Control product developed in the frame of MC-SUITE project. 

Flyers of the Project were distributed at CEDRAT stand, where staff involved in MC-SUITE were available to provide explanations and details.

A video presentation of MICA300CM is available:




The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing of the University Nottingham presented the MC-SUITE project to prospective undergraduate students during the "Undergraduate Open Day”, 29-30 June 2018.

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing is a UK Top Five Department (The Guardian University Guide 2018) with 16% undergraduate FEMALE population. The goal of showcasing MC-SUITE was to promote the academic studies in manufacturing and mechanical  engineering, in particular targeting female students, thus showing the potential opportunities and roles as future world class engineers. The University of Nottingham has a strong history in supporting female academics’ careers through a Women in Science Engineering and Technology Group (WinSET) since 2005.

The participants to the "Undergraduate Open Day" were prospective university students, more than 40% females. Yang Zhang and Giovanna Martinez Arellano, in coordination with Prof. Joel Segal and German Terrazas, were in charge of broadcasting the current research activities and developments of the MC-SUITE project.

Videos, posters, materials, tools and MC-SUITE flyers were available to the public.

Thursday, 02 August 2018 10:12

A visit to MC-SUITE at the BIEMH 2018

BIEMH is the most important Machine Tool exhibition in Spain, that took place in Bilbao from 25th to 29th of May. More than 42,000 people visited the 30th edition of the exhibition, a figure that exceeds by 5% the final result obtained in 2016. We reported here the story of one of our visitors. 

Strong dissemination of MC-SUITE results to the CIRP conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC2018) in Budapest, the most important conference in the manufacturing field and it is organized by the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP).

The MC-SUITE project was properly represented there and part of our research was presented there. The coordinator of MC-SUITE was part of the scientific committee and presented a Keynote Lecture, moreover three presentation were carried out showing the developments of MC-SUITE:

  1. Keynote Lecture. “Methods to increase damping in machine tools” by the coordinator of MC-SUITE Jokin Munoa. The active damping system developed in MC-CyPhy were shown in this presentation
  2. “An optimization methodology for material databases to improve cutting force predictions when milling martensitic stainless steel JETHETE-M152”. Patxi Xabier Aristimuño, Xabier Lazkano, Andres Sela, Rosa Basagoiti, Pedro Jose Arrazola. Our collegue Patxi Aristimuño of Mondragon University presented part of their work  to predict cutting forces with any kind of tool geometry in the framework of the development of MC-Virtual.
  3. “In-process tool wear prediction system based on machine learning techniques and force analysis”. Amine Gouarir, Svetan Ratchev, Giovanna Martínez-Arellano, German Terrazas, Panorios Benardos. Giovanna Martínez-Arellano from the University of Nothingham presented the development performed in MC-Bridge to try to monitor tool wear based on the measurement of vibration and cutting force values.
  4. Milling stability for slowly varying parameters” Zoltan Dombovari, Jokin Munoa, Rachel Kuske, Gabor Stepan. Work related to the collaboration between Siren and MC-Suite. MC-Suite proposed a real problem and Siren proposed a way to solve the problem mathematically.

These articles are going to be published in Golden open access in Procedia CIRP.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 12:24

MC-SUITE presented at the IFAC2018

Two collaborations of MC-SUITE and SIREN projects have been presented at the IFAC2018 conference in Budapest on June 31, 2018:

“Slowly varying parameters in time periodic delayed system” Zoltan Dombovari, Rachel Kuske, Gabor Stepan.

“Optimal delay distribution selection for chatter avoidance in milling operations” Jokin Munoa and Zoltan Dombovari.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 23:41


 MC-SUITE project is presented at the 30th edition of the BIEMH, the International Machine Tool Biennial (Bilbao-Spain 28 May-1 June 2018 

Relevant results of the Project will be presented by real at the SORALUCE stand 5/C-03

Moreover MC-SUITE partners will be available at the IK4-IDEKO stand 1/C-22a and at the FIDIA stand 1/D39 for explaining the last achievements of the Project and their industrial exploitation in the coming months.

Joint presentation of MC-SUITE and TWIN-CONTROL projects will be carried out during the week.

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 09:04

MC-SUITE goes to ILA Berlin 2018

In the days 25-29 April 2018, Tagueri presented MC-SUITE at the Berlin Air Show (ILA Berlin). Special brochures of MC-SUITE have been distributed at the Tagueri booths, discussing the aim, current status and potential use of the toolset with several aerospace parts manufacturers and cluster organisations.   

The Berlin Air Show is one of the top events for the aerospace industry worldwide. At ILA Berlin 2018, over 1.000 exhibitors showcased their expertise – from civil aviation to defence, security and space, and from major corporations to highly specialized suppliers. The international supplier centre at ILA Berlin in 2018 connected the German and European network of small and medium size aircraft parts and equipment suppliers, the German aerospace association (BDLI) and the regional aerospace cluster organisations with more than hundred specific booths, presentations and discussions.

There was a high interest amongst the manufacturers to exploit MC-SUITE and in particular the possibilities of big data and analytics for their businesses. It has been agreed to have follow up meetings with several potential end users as soon as the MC-SUITE demonstrators will be validated.


Tuesday, 17 April 2018 18:03


Open Transport Data (OTD) is a project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, aimed to establish a virtual lab offering a (i) catalogue of datasets and (ii) tools to facilitate the publishing and use of open transport data (reference: During an OTD meeting, the MC-SUITE partner SINTEF presented the MC-Monitor solution for the data transformation, cleaning and mapping. OTD will investigate via SINTEF how a solution similar to MC-Monitor can be applied to their project.

Meanwhile, the collaboration of MC-SUITE and TWIN-CONTROL project ( is consolidated in a common session at the HSM2018 conference (San Sebastian-Spain 17-18 April 2018 and at the BIEMH (Bilbao-Spain 28 May-1 June 2018

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