Thursday, 06 December 2018 13:31    Published in Public documents
Monday, 03 December 2018 15:19    Published in News & Events

The MC-SUITE activities have been successfully completed. The final meeting was held in Brussels, presenting the project results, the demonstrators and the first products reaching the market. 

The end users of the project are satisfied with the final result of MC-SUITE. In words of the managing director of Aeromec, Juan José Martin, “MC-Suite increased drastically the machine productivity thanks to the chatter suppression systems of MC-CyPhy. On top of that, MC-monitor and MC- Analytics allowed analysing the complete machining process and finding further productivity improvement factors”. Mauro Comoglio, project manager at Diad Group, adds that “MC-Virtual and MC-Optim are very useful to ensure right at first time process with optimized cutting conditions. The machining time could be reduced by 8% with the automatic adaptation of the feedrate according to the cutting load”. Mauro also applied successfully the MC-Bridge module to detect and avoid chatter vibrations in real-time. Finally, “as a machine tool builder, the MC-Suite project allowed introducing new technologies on the market and keeping the technological advantage over the competitors”, says Jesus Alvarez from the research and development team of Soraluce. According to Jesus, MC- Monitor and MC-Analytics can provide up to 5% global productivity improvement by maximizing the machine use.
The MC-SUITE products have been presented to the machine tools customers in the international EMO machine tool fair of Hannover in September 2017 and in the BIEMH machine tool fair of Bilbao in June 2018. There was a high interest amongst the potential customers and several clients already bought the MC-SUITE technologies. MC-Monitor has been sold on more than 25 machines, 17 of which are also integrating MC-Analytics dashboards. MC-CyPhy is on 40 machines and 23 of them are adding the MC-Bridge functionalities. MC-SUITE is expecting to expend the exploitation even further in the coming years.