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BIEMH is the most important Machine Tool exhibition in Spain, that took place in Bilbao from 25th to 29th of May. More than 42,000 people visited the 30th edition of the exhibition, a figure that exceeds by 5% the final result obtained in 2016. We reported here the story of one of our visitors. 

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Zoltan Dombovaria, Jokin Munoa, Rachel Kuskec, Gabor Stepana



In order to predict the quality and the stability properties of milling processes, the relevant dynamics reduced to the cutting edges needs to be known. However, the dynamics varies through the workspace along the tool path during a given machining operation. This is the case for large heavy duty milling operations, where the main source of the relevant dynamics is related to the otherwise slowly varying machine structure rather than to the fairly steady milling tool dynamics. The effect of slowly varying dynamic parameters is presented for milling stability when the cutting process takes place in a region of the work space where the steady-state cutting would change from stable to unstable. After the separation of the slow and fast time scales, the governing non-autonomous delay differential equation is frozen in slow-time in order to determine the time- periodic stationary cutting solution of the milling operation for different parameters. The loss of stability is predicted from the correction to the time-periodic frozen time solution, for which we obtained non-autonomous equation for the accumulated growth over the slow-time. The growth shows loss of stability with a shift on the parameters compared to the static parameter solution.


IDEKO, Elgoibar and BME, Budapest

Paper at the 8th CIRP Conference on High Performance Cutting

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 MC-SUITE project is presented at the 30th edition of the BIEMH, the International Machine Tool Biennial (Bilbao-Spain 28 May-1 June 2018 

Relevant results of the Project will be presented by real at the SORALUCE stand 5/C-03

Moreover MC-SUITE partners will be available at the IK4-IDEKO stand 1/C-22a and at the FIDIA stand 1/D39 for explaining the last achievements of the Project and their industrial exploitation in the coming months.

Joint presentation of MC-SUITE and TWIN-CONTROL projects will be carried out during the week.

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 MC-SUITE project will be presented at the XIVth INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HIGH SPEED MACHINING - 17-18 April 2018, Donostia/San Sebastian-Spain. In the session “Intelligent machine tool”, two presentations will disseminate MC-SUITE results:   

  • Intelligent machine tool for self-optimizing processes - Xavier BEUDAERT , Iñigo BEDIAGA , Jon ARGANDOÑA , Jérôme LOC’H , Jokin MUÑOA
  • Effects of a chip breaking system using machine drive oscillations - Xavier BEUDAERT , Iñigo LLANOS , Iñigo BEDIAGA , Jokin MUÑOA 

It will be a good opportunity to visit the IK4-IDEKO stand at HSM 2018, asking more about last MC-SUITE achievements!

Moreover, it will be possible to visit to IK4-IDEKO facilities on 19 April 2018. More info are available at

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From 30th May-4th of June 2016, 29th BIEMH International Machine-Tool Exhibition took place in Bilbao, Spain. The exhibition, which is celebrated every two years, has gathered this year 1500 exhibitors dedicated to metal cutting machine-tools, metal forming machine-tools, robotics, etc. Soraluce and IK4-IDEKO took the opportunity to promote the MC-Suite project at the exhibition, as well as to show to visitors the latest advances achieved within the project.