Thursday, 02 August 2018 12:09    Published in News & Events

The Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing of the University Nottingham presented the MC-SUITE project to prospective undergraduate students during the "Undergraduate Open Day”, 29-30 June 2018.

Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing is a UK Top Five Department (The Guardian University Guide 2018) with 16% undergraduate FEMALE population. The goal of showcasing MC-SUITE was to promote the academic studies in manufacturing and mechanical  engineering, in particular targeting female students, thus showing the potential opportunities and roles as future world class engineers. The University of Nottingham has a strong history in supporting female academics’ careers through a Women in Science Engineering and Technology Group (WinSET) since 2005.

The participants to the "Undergraduate Open Day" were prospective university students, more than 40% females. Yang Zhang and Giovanna Martinez Arellano, in coordination with Prof. Joel Segal and German Terrazas, were in charge of broadcasting the current research activities and developments of the MC-SUITE project.

Videos, posters, materials, tools and MC-SUITE flyers were available to the public.